You Wanna Get There ... AGAIN ...
[2011-10-12th 14:29]

... and so do we!

This time we have gotten as far as to our DK album launch at:

Rust/Cph friday october 14th at 21:00

And as an appetizer, here is:

You Wanna Get There (Radio Edit)

in a radio edition specifically edited for radios by Rasmus Bredvig!

Get it at our downloads section ... Enjoy!


We Can Fly!
[2011-09-21st 14:54]

German Release of You Are Ok (The Album)
[2011-09-06th 14:47]

On top of our Copenhagen launch party/concert ... we are also throwing a Berliner Launch Party Concert (and more) at the:

Pop.POURRI show on October 27th 2011

at the NBI Club, Berlin.

So if you are in the neighborhood do ... POP by!


You Are OK - Album Version Single !!!
[2011-08-19th 13:53]

Deflatables and Divine Records proudly present the very first single:

You Are OK (The Album Version)

... taken from our forthcoming album You Are OK ...

... in its Morten Bue album mix.

And it is completely gratis to download at the downloads section!

Hope You Are OK too :-)

Album Launch!!!
[2011-08-12th 11:57]

We are happy to announce our upcoming version 1.0* album launch of


in Copenhagen at:

RUST - Friday 14th October 2011

We will throw a party and do a live set as well
+ additional friendly support by Halph (DK)

Bring your friends too!!!

* There is going to be a version 1.1 German release in Berlin on the 27th of October. More info coming soon ... or in a short while at least :-)

Deflatables + Divine
[2011-05-30th 15:26]

What´s cooking?

We have signed with Danish biased Berliner based label Divine Records.
And we are delighted!!!

Autumn album release date and other fixtures coming soon.


Did they really sing that?
[2011-04-10th 13:14]

Oh yeah! We really did!

Find the Deflatablesssss lyrics, in actual print, here.


More silicone in the air
[2011-04-04th 10:36]

Dutch TV Enschede FM, Italian Unisound and German RauteMusikFM have included our radio edit (edited for radios) version of Silicone among their airings.

And TV Enschede FM even featured Thomas (in his bedroom) in a live phone interview ... wooahh! That is radio!


Silicone Radio Edit on iTunes?
[2011-03-21st 11:39]

Hmm ... is Silicone Radio Edit not a free download?

Why yes! It is a free download! But if you would like to support us (and Apple), or if buying things appeals to your conscience ... here is the button that will take you to our first single on iTunes:

Another way to support us (and PayPal) is by donating ... there is a button on our download page where you can do just that.

Happy shopping or free downloading ... and then listening :-)

Silicone Radio Edit
[2011-03-1st 10:04]

Whoa... did february just fly by or what? Who decided to award it with only 28 days...

But here you are, we bring you:

Silicone Radio Edit

A mix by Rasmus Bredvig.

Already duly deserving its name, this version of Silicone is currently aired around the globe... or at least in the UK, Germany, Australia and the US ... and more to come (we hope :-)

Go ahead and download it here ... it is for free!

All the giddiest springtime wishes,

The house is on fire?
[2011-02-23rd 11:21]

Yes it is!
We offer our brand new track:


appropriately subtitled "The House Is On Fire", for free download at the download section.


Gold rotated in Brisbane
[2011-02-22nd 12:56]

Superstar has been put in GOLD(!) rotation by Australian Traxx radio.

That is indie for sure!!

And what is more (indie): We have a brand new pre mixed track on our site ... tomorrow.

Cheers, B&T

Woohooo !! Deflatables on the air on German Radios..
[2011-02-17th 12:42]

Radio 96.8 and Bit eXpress. Super!!

Deflatables added to radios in the UK !
[2011-02-14th 18:13]

Deflatables have been added to the playlist of these fine radios in England: Halesowen, Radio Brunel and Fly FM. Yeah!!!!

Deflatables goes completely pacific!
[2011-01-30th 22:55]

We have hit the coast! Californian Pacific FM have added Silicone to their current playlist. Grrreat!

Playlist here

Seeya guys,

Superstar Rebel Riffs
[2011-01-28th 11:10]

Rebel Riff blogger Steve Gilmore says:

"Superstar is the kind of track that insinuates itself into the very core of your being if you let it - and you will let it. If tracks like this are an indication of what 2011 has in store for us, look out world."

In the words of Steve Gilmore Superstar is "MUST HAVE indie" ... Yeah! :-)

Cheers, us

Echo - echo - cho - cho - ho - ho ...
[2011-01-27th 11:11]

Freiburg uni radio station ECHO has playlisted our upcoming single Silicone for the next weeks and running!

Juuhuuu ... We love Freiburg and their cool uni radio!!

Playlist here

Happy greets from us,

Bremen Vier
[2011-01-23rd 11:50]

German radio Bremen Vier has aired our excessively emotional hymn Lost Ambitions ...
We are SO pleased!

See playlist


Delusions Galore Unveiled
[2010-12-10th 14:42]

Arpeggiated analogs and finger picked guitars with Weltschmerz ... here is


by us! Grab the mp3 at the download page.

Cheers, B&T

You Wanna Get There!!!
[2010-10-7th 21:06]

We are at it once again. More new sounds for download. All gratis and with a slight touch of glam:

You Wanna Get There

Help yourself to the pre-mix version at our download page.

All the best from us,

Summer Regrets...
[2010-07-15th 12:39]

... with a synth pop topping.
Here goes another rambunctious summer quasi love song:


For free download like usual, this time entirely home made and no ex-mural credits needed.

Warm summer greets,

3rd song added
[2010-06-15th 20:14]

Here we go again... The 3rd song from Deflatables is called


Available as usual for free download on the download page.

Loads of thank yous to Morten Hellborn for playing an excellent set of drums!!!


Deflatables on Fred Perry Subculture
[2010-05-28th 12:50]

The link to the Deflatables feature on FPS is here


[2010-05-27th 08:01]

Bloggertronix - the coolest eclectic music blog in Toronto - has Deflatables on the menu.

Check out the Deflatables feature here:


New track: Lost Ambitions for download
[2010-05-17th 11:00 ]

In (almost complete) accord with our master plan, here is our second track available as a free download from the download page:

Lost Ambitions

Special thanks goes to Mikkel Brink, Jesper Edvardsen and Marianne Søgård who did resp. the drums, bass and backing vocals!!!


Deflatables featured on Fred Perry Subculture site
[2010-04-27th 14:00]

Deflatables are among may's featured bands on british Fred Perry Subculture site.

Subculture is "Fred Perry's new music initiative bringing you the brightest young talent on the music scene..." :-)

Check out the site!!


First ever EVER new deflatable song for download!
[2010-04-15th 17:00 ]

Here you are: The very first of our songs. A sparkling new track called

You Are Ok

is now available for FREE download. Whoooaaa!!! Just go to our 'download'-page, have a listen... and then grab it!

Check out the 'about'-page to figure out what kind we are, or write us an email... or even: take part in our social network (links are on the 'contact'-page).

Hope you'll enjoy the new deflatable sounds!